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Jody Jaress

"The more we smile at one another, the smaller

our societal gaps become. Singing is my smile."                                                                                         - Jody Jaress

"Jody's intimate style of singing makes you want to sit back,
listen and dream..."                                                         
- JazzMag


Whisper Low

jazz & blues

"...a rich, sultry, slightly jazzy, warm and bluesy delivery with a uniquely

personal interpretation."  - Cabaret Scenes 


"Jody makes you want to sit back and just listen and enjoy the experience." 

                                                                                                  - JAZZScene


"Top notch."  - Jay Jackson, Reviewer/Entertainer

12 songs

30 sec samples

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What People Say...


A cross-section of 500+ radio listeners in a blind/anonymous survey.

Below are a few of those reviews.

“Smooth and relaxed vocals."

“Fantastic on every level. Jody is very dynamic, knows when to keep it low or belt it out, understands subtlety."

Ms. Jaress has a velvety voice. I would listen to her sing while trying to relax.”

“I really liked the singing in the song "Cries My Heart / Black Coffee"  by Jody Jaress.  She did a great job with this classic song.  Jody has a very rich, sensual and husky sound.  She sang with fervor.”

"This vocalist was amazing and had such a somber, chilling and beautiful tone.
She has a good voice and reminds me of some film noir." 

“Jody's WISPER LOW cd transported me to a smokey jazz club many years ago. I could picture this vocalist singing on a dimly lit stage. There were fedoras everywhere and lots of cigarette smoke floating through the air. Thank you Jody.”
“Her sounds are very sensual and classy. Just like some good music from Barbra Streisand."

“An old style jazz piano leads into Jody's voice that sounds like it comes straight out of the past bringing a lot of passion and emotion to the music.”

“I like the tone of the vocals on this CD, and how they are clearly in the traditional blues singer tone quality. It is enjoyable to listen to and I like the instrumental arrangement of it.”

...Thank you for reading a few...
Crowd Reviews from Various Ages/Ethnicities/Genders/Countries 

Raven Radio part 1 - KCAW Alaska AFTER HOURSJody Jaress




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Ten Cents A Dance - Jody Jaress

Ten Cents A Dance - Jody Jaress

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JODY JARESS - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" - jamming at the Gardenia, Hollywood, CA

JODY JARESS - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" - jamming at the Gardenia, Hollywood, CA

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Golden Earrings - Jody Jaress

Golden Earrings - Jody Jaress

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CBS News Reports on One Billion Rising V-Day

CBS News Reports on One Billion Rising V-Day

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Album Notes...

Jody Jaress with her soulful jazz and blues renditions, and undeniable charismatic performances, has become a favorite performer around the Los Angeles jazz, blues and cabaret venues.  


Praised by JAZZ LA and Cabaret Scenes Magazine as having,

"… a rich, sultry, slightly jazzy and warm bluesy delivery with a uniquely personal interpretation."  


"Jody makes you want to sit back and just listen and enjoy the experience."  "Top notch!"  - staff reviewer Jay Jackson, JAZZLA. 

On WHISPER LOW you'll be able to hear the love, respect and fun Jody (vocals), Rick Hils (piano), Gary Bivona (trumpet), Michael Hunter (trumpet), Bill Markus (bass) and Dori Amarilio (producer/engineer) all had while working together. The musician's creative skills, delivered diverse arrangements from Baroque to Soul while Jody's lush voice lures in the listener. 

Recent Honors...

At the Annual International Jazz Day, a global celebration created by the Untied Nations (UNESCO), Herbie Hancock Ambassador, and The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, Jody was honored and inducted as a Jazz and Blues Living Legend by the Duke Ellington Society, JazZabration, and the NAACP, the United States Congress, and the Mayor of Los Angeles, for her years of contribution entertaining and promoting live jazz and blues.

Jody has also been awarded the prestigious USO pin for her dedication and years of service to our armed forces. She spent a rewarding five (5) years traveling across country with the USO entertaining and visiting our servicemen at various military camps, bases and Naval ships. 

Personal Journey...

As a youngster growing up in Michigan, her original desire was to study drama and become an actress "who can sing."  Based in Los Angeles since the 60's, Jody happily juggles her acting and singing careers, and has made hundreds of appearances on stage, film, television, as well as some radio, garnering numerous awards for both her acting and singing dynamics. Robert Koehler, staff reviewer at VARIETY magazine states simply,

"Jody Jaress, excellent." 

Jody married, had two children, divorced, and was later dealt a tragedy no parent should have to endure. She found solace in the haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics found in the music of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. Their music resonated deeply with Jody's bittersweet life experiences and now propelled her to a new level of vocal freedom from the old standards and country music she had been singing. When after singing "Stormy Weather" at a popular Hollywood jazz club, the iconic, award winning blues singer, Linda Hopkins, took Jody's hand and said, "Honey, you sing the blues. You do. It's coming from your heart. I can feel it."  Jody had found her place. "The jazz and blues community has enriched my life with their loving encouragement and support. I only hope I can inspire others to follow their dreams also." - Jody Jaress

Jody has been featured at several Jazz Award shows, honoring some of our great vocalists like, Linda "the kid" Hopkins, and the Legendary "Mr. Flamingo" Herb Jeffries. In 2014, on Valentine's Day, Jody proudly joined other singers and activist/actress Jane Fonda, on the lot of CBS Studios, in
JAZZ FOR JUSTICE, a performance and rally to raise awareness of, "One Billion Rising" (an annual global event fighting against violence towards women & children). In the 60's, Jody, a performer at the Las Vegas Riviera Hotel, opened for some of the greatest entertainers of all time: Harry Belafonte, Louis Armstrong, Dinah Shore, Janet Blair, the Blue Notes and others. In between shows, whenever possible, she would run over to the New Frontier Casino to jam on stage, with the Ink Spots. Nowadays, Jody can frequently be seen performing at many of Los Angeles' popular jazz clubs. Too many to list here, but Jody states she feels very blessed to have worked and become friends with so many eminent musicians.

Love for many...
Jody graciously lends her talents and support to, the National Day of the Children, JAZZ Del Corazon-Music With A Purpose Enterprise (raising funds for jazz/blues musicians/entertainers in dire need of medical care, housing, etc.), Actors and Others for Animals, Where Are The Children, the Angel Food Foundation in Hollywood, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles.  She's an active member of AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists) and SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild), SOS "Society of Singers and serves on the board of directors to the "International Student Film Festival Hollywood," assisting with the development and promotion of aspiring young filmmakers.


Contact Jody

Jody Jaress Directly

(818) 207-9464

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