Actor / Director / Writer

Jody Jaress

Award winning actress  award winning film director awarded jazz blues singer


TRACES OF MEMORY was Jody's official debut as a Film Director, Screenwriter, and Producer.

This phycological short, won eleven director/producer/story awards out of 15 separate festivals.

Directed / Written by  JODY JARESS 


A psychological drama about a woman's fractured mind. 

When time deals Naomi a cruel, tortured existence, her distorted mind can no longer differentiate between her reality… and the truth.

Having committed the most heinous act, this once quiet, subservient wife and mother of three, finds herself stranded on a desert highway expecting to hitch a ride away from her past. She encounters a cunning roadside intruder who threatens her very existence by following her and badgering her with questions that evoke confusing and disturbing images igniting a cycle of torment. If she is to survive and be free, she must rid herself of this relentless intruder and the haunting... memories.

Jack Donner (Actor/Writer/Director), approached Jody with his SO THIS IS LOVE story concept to create either a

web series or short film.  After co-writing twenty episodes, they chose four stories which they  produced into one 

thirty minute short winning many festival accolades.

Co-Written by  JODY JARESS 

"SO THIS IS LOVE" - Trailer 

Passionately married for decades, Jack and Josey prepare for the most romantic evening of their lives, when an innocent conversation reveals brutal and devastating secrets. 

This particular day has great significance as they enjoy some special tea which Josey concocted. She calls their life-long friend Sally, to tell her what time to arrive.  As Jack and Josey begin recalling events from their fun-loving marriage, Sally becomes the subjects of discussion, which then ignites some brutal and devastating secrets that each of them held secret.  Josey admits, “I can't do this with all this crap in me. In us!” Pain, anger, and bitterness escalate into ugly accusations from Jack as he proclaims, "I would have been rid of you and your mother!"

It's the end of the day. This very special day.  And as planned...

Sally will arrive soon.

Jody has ghost written on several other features, and credited as Script Consultant on Ulli Lommel's,

ABSOLUTE EVIL: FINAL EXIT starring David Carradine (one of his last films).


Layer by layer, the truth about Cooper alias Babyface is revealed. A complex web of murder, revenge, atonement and forgiveness unfolds, culminating in the ultimate question: What is the definition of absolute evil?

Jody is collaborating on a very tender UNTITLED short film, focusing on acceptance, perception, individual reality... and truth.


 Jody partnered up with Roger Tulces, a Private Investigator, to co-write an Action/Fantasy feature film titled, RETURN OF THE SACRED presently in pre-production.  They are now in the early stages of creating several sequels around the two main characters.

Return of The Sacred

A burnt-out detective pairs up with an old Indian Medicine Man to recover the tribe's stolen Sacred Artifacts.  Adding to this duo's dangerous mission, they must endure the old Indian's Berkley educated granddaughter tagging along with her strong opinions and willful nature, while together eluding thugs, police, and the FBI


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